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November 21, 2011
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Aaron Tyler is, or was, by most respects an ordinary 14 year old boy. He went to school like everyone else, he had similar interests as everyone else did and he was pretty much the same as everyone else. Except for a few things, first of all, he lived with his father in a house at the edge of a large forest and second he was the only boy in his school whose dad happened to be a wolf hunter, and because of this he shared his dads disliking for wolves.

One day, when his father was out hunting, Aaron was at home looking out of one of the downstairs windows when he spotted a black wolf hiding between two large bushes, its amber eyes seemed to pierce the darkness the tree shadows gave. Aaron had been told by his father that if he ever saw a wolf he was to stay clear of it as they were dangerous, but today Aaron wanted to do something daring. He wanted to get rid of the wolf himself. He went to the cupboard where his father's guns were kept and opened the creaking door, revealing a .22 hunting rifle. He grabbed it, loaded it, and carried it outside to where he had seen the black wolf. Its eyes seemed to cut through the space between them and when they landed their gaze on Aaron it made him feel very uneasy.

He lifted the gun and attempted to aim with it. Even although his father was a hunter Aaron had never used one of the guns himself before and his aim was dreadful. He fired at the wolf, but the shot went way off. In response, the wolf growled and slowly emerged from the bushes. He was about to fire again, but then something happened that shocked and frightened him so much that he didn't pull the trigger… the wolf spoke.

"What do you think you are?"

Aaron stared at it in amazement as it slowly stalked closer. Its head was held high and ears perked up. Its tail was also held high and its hackles rose. It looked at Aaron, expecting an answer, but when one didn't come it smirked. "I know what you are. You're a murderer! All you humans are the same!" The wolf circled him threateningly.

"I am not a murderer!" Aaron spoke out quite defensively. "My dad kills wolves. I only wanted to-"

"To what, to be a murderer like him too?" The wolf interrupted abruptly and made the gap between them smaller.


"Then why do you have that gun and why did you shoot it at me?"

Aaron swallowed hard. "I wanted to-"

The wolf lunged at him, cutting the sentence short. It grabbed the gun in its mouth and yanked it away from Aaron, making him fall over. It then tossed it into the bushes it was hiding in, and then jumped on top of Aaron and tore his shirt off with its razor sharp claws. "Choose your next words carefully… human." It growled and stared directly into Aaron's sky blue eyes with its teeth bared.

"I'm sorry!" Aaron said in a sort of squeak of fear. This wolf terrified him now. It was in a perfect position to end his life and he did not want to die so young.

"Pathetic!" the wolf snarled viciously, making Aaron tense up. "Do you know how hard it is to be a wolf out here, when you humans keep coming and attempting to kill us almost every day?"


The wolf grinned evilly. "Well then… telling you about it won't get the message across in the right way… I'm going to let you experience it all first-hand!"

The wolf clamped its teeth onto Aaron's left hand and bit down hard, its powerful jaws and sharp teeth pierced the flesh like it was paper. Aaron cried out in pain and tried to push the wolf off with his other hand. He grabbed some of its belly fur and tugged it, but the wolf didn't move.

The wolf retracted its powerful jaws and jumped off of Aaron. "Believe me, human. If you thought that was painful, you're going to hate what is coming next." It started to walk away, but before it disappeared into the dark of the forest again, it turned its head to look at him. "We'll see how you like having crosshairs pointed at your head for a change."

Once the wolf had disappeared, Aaron got to his feet and ran back inside the house. He looked down at his hand to see the damage it had endured, but it looked perfectly fine. He looked over at his other hand to make sure he wasn't going mad but it was fine too.

"What the he-" He stopped mid-sentence, he felt something on the palm of his left hand. He turned it over to look at it and almost screamed at what he saw. Five black paw pads had appeared on his left hand. He closed his eyes, thinking it was his imagination, but then the pain started.

He gave a cry of pain as his hand started to feel like it was being crushed. He opened his eyes to look at it. In horror he watched his fingers start to painfully merge together. After about a minute they looked a lot more like toes of some animal than anything else. His finger nails twisted and grew until they became claws and very soon his hand looked like a paw. Suddenly, a pain like thousands of tiny needles piercing his skin was present on the back of his hand. He saw hundreds of white hairs grow out of it and slowly cover it, he closed his eyes again. "This can't be happening!" he told himself, but when he opened his blue eyes again what used to be his left hand had become a forepaw.

"What the hell is going on?!" he shouted in distress and fear, then the needle like pain spread up his arm and across his chest like a wave of searing hot water and soft white fur began to grow out of his skin. By the time the fur reached his right hand and it had already reformed painfully into another forepaw. He suddenly felt extreme pressure on his feet, which lessened his concern about the fur, and to try and lessen the pain he frantically pulled his shoes and socks off. Very painfully, both his feet reformed into paws in a similar way his hands had. Then… the real pain started.

Aaron suddenly felt an unbearable pressure on his back. His spine started to buckle and crack itself into a new shape. The movement of his spine restricted his ability to stand easily. At first he wobbled a little on his feet, and then he could no longer stand and he fell onto all fours. He screamed in pain throughout his spinal changes, and finally collapsed helplessly on the floor as his organs started to shift around inside of him.

For the moment, the pain and changes stopped. He lay shakily on his furry side and panted for breath, starring in horror at his forepaws. "This isn't possible!" he panted, but then suddenly the pain began again. His bones cracked and twisted, changing his legs into hind legs and his arms into fore legs. An intense pain in his backside caused him to scream in pain once more. Something grew from his backside and started to push against his trousers, causing Aaron great irritation. He kicked his legs desperately in an attempt to get the trousers off, and when they did fall off his mouth fell open as he saw the thing growing from his backside was a fluffy white tail.

The panic started again as he finally realised what was happening. "No! I'm turning into a wolf!"

The pressure started again, but on his face this time. It pushed out painfully and formed a muzzle, and then his ears moved to the top of his head and became pointed and furry. His teeth changed into sharp, pointed canines and his tongue reformed until it was much flatter and wider. His nose turned black and became wet on the end of his muzzle and transformed until it was a wolf's nose; and then he felt the fur creep up his neck and start to cover his head.

"I don't want to… I don't wa- a… AWOOOOOOO!" Aaron instinctively howled in distress. The howl scared him but he had bigger things to worry about. He looked himself over as the fur finished covering his face, and then the last part of the transformation started. He shrank a little until he was the size of a runt like wolf and he whimpered and whined throughout the whole size change.  Anyone who looked at him now would not know he was ever human; he looked like a perfectly normal wolf.

He whimpered in sorrow and dragged himself, with great effort, over to the window he had first seen the black wolf out of. His reflection showed the face of a white wolf. All that remained of his human form were his sky blue eyes.

"There's no way this can possibly get worse…" he whimpered to himself… but suddenly… it got worse. He heard a thump behind him, his ears perked up and he turned his head to see his dad standing in the doorway. He had returned from hunting… and he was loading his gun…
A short transformation story I wrote in my spare time. It features a teenage boy who is involuntarily transformed into a wolf after attempting to shoot one.

Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated :)

The image you see at the top was drawn by my friend :iconfeloniousfeline: go give her a visit!


Chapter 1: (Already there!)

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